company goals

To create a destination store that raises the profile of social enterprises and supports doing business this way. Creating a zero waste lifestyle for our customer and paying a fair wage to our staff. Making responsible retail a norm



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Yellow TSE has been created out of a consumer need to shop differently in a more conscious sustainable way. We have identified a pain point within the city centre that has a lack of retail outlets offering eco retail solutions. In our research we have identified another pain point regarding workspace and a cafe with a social networking solution providing local sustainable options. Yellow The Social Enterprise has a legal obligation to place all profits into social projects that benefit the area.

Almost three-quarters of UK shoppers would be interested in shopping from bagless fruit and vegetable aisles and refill stations, a leading data and analytics company has found.


Research from GlobalData reveals around 71% would be willing to use such services.


The 2,000-strong survey found the main reason people would not use a refill facility was an unwillingness to take containers to a store.


Some 19% thought it would be more expensive than buying packaged items.


GlobalData said the solution could be to provide shoppers with recyclable paper bags or to offer a discount as an incentive for bringing reusable containers — a commonplace tactic in coffee chains.


Hannah Thomson, retail analyst at GlobalData, said retailers were keen to prove they were acting responsibly and responding to consumers’ concerns amid growing awareness of the harmful effects of single-use plastics on the environment.


“After initial set-up costs, retailers could benefit from selling certain goods unpackaged and removing packaging costs,” she added. “Waitrose has said that its ‘Unpacked’ trial resulted in cost savings from goods arriving in-store in reusable containers.”

social goals

To support a selection of Social Enterprises to grow their income streams through a high street presence

To create 20 jobs by year two

To raise awareness of ethical shopping

To help reduce waste

Provide training and employment opportunities

To start giving profits to local projects by year two/three 

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